A word from the CEO

The project « Immigrant Entrepreneur in Regions of Quebec » (IER) is part of the 2020 vision for the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ). More specifically, this project fits in the implementation of the 2nd strategic axis, namely the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at the scale of the province.


IER is, without a doubt, an ambitious and innovative pilot project. The RJCCQ, as well as its members who are active stakeholders throughout the project, are convinced that the integration of immigrant entrepreneurs in Regions of Quebec would allow a different approach in the establishment of immigrants all across the province of Quebec.   


Creating value and wealth through building or taking over a business will open the path to a sustainable establishment and integration of immigrants in the provincial regions.  


The pilot project initiated by the RJCCQ aims to tackle all of these challenges, but also to identify the factors contributing to a favourable and welcoming ecosystem for immigrant entrepreneurs in regions of Quebec and also, to plant the seeds of a chain reaction initiated by these entrepreneurs, attracting other immigrants and entrepreneurs alike.